Russet potatoes


Uses: Baking, frying, mashing, roasting, boiling. Russets are often used to make French fries

Description: Good-quality Russet potatoes will be firm, have a net-like texture to the skin and russet-brown coloring. They should have few eyes, and those few eyes should be shallow.

Seasonal information / Grown:Russet Potatoes are available year-round. Washington Russet potatoes are available from August through January.

Nutrition: Calories 120 Serving size:1 medium. Russet Potatoes are Fat-free, Very low sodium, Source of fiber, High in vitamin C, Cholesterol-free. Russets have a high sugar content.

Potato tips & Trivia: Burbank Russet Potatoes were developed by Luther Burbank in the 1870's but he sold the rights to them in 1875.
Do not store potatoes in the refrigerator. Refrigeration converts the starch in potatoes to sugar which will cause the potato to darken when cooked.

Storage: Do not wash raw Russet Potatoes before storing - washing them speeds development of decay. Store Russet Potatoes in a cool (40 - 50° F), dry, well ventilated, dark place to protect them from light exposure and to inhibit quick sprouts from growing. If your potatoes do begin to sprout or grow, cut off the sprouts. If you don't have good storage available, buy in smaller quantities and more often. Do not refrigerate or freeze uncooked potatoes as this changes the potatoes starch into sugar. This alters the taste of potatoes and causes the flesh to darken when cooked.

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